ProFTPD module mod_case

The mod_case module is designed to help ProFTPD be case-insensitive, for those sites that may need it (e.g. those that are migrating from a Windows environment or have mounted Windows filesystems).

mod_case works by performing two checks on the filename used in FTP commands. First, mod_case will scan the directory to see if there is already a file whose name exactly matches the given filename. If not, mod_case will scan the directory again, this time looking for case-insensitive matches.

This module is contained in the mod_case.c file for ProFTPD 1.3.x, and is not compiled by default. Installation instructions are discussed here.

The most current version of mod_case can be found at:


Please contact TJ Saunders <tj at> with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this module.



Syntax: CaseEngine on|off
Default: off
Context: server config, <VirtualHost>, <Global>
Module: mod_case
Compatibility: 1.2.9 and later

The CaseEngine directive enables or disables the module's runtime case-matching engine. If it is set to off this module does no case-insensitive checking. Use this directive to disable the module instead of commenting out all mod_case directives.


Syntax: CaseIgnore on|off|cmd-list
Default: off
Context: server config, <VirtualHost>, <Global>, <Anonymous>, <Directory>
Module: mod_case
Compatibility: 1.2.9 and later

The CaseIgnore directive is used to enable case-insensitive matching, possibly on a per-FTP command basis. If it is set to off, no case-insensitive matching is performed. If set to on, then case-insensitive matcing is performed for all FTP commands that mod_case handles (see below). Otherwise, one can configure a cmd-list, which is a comma-separated list of FTP commands for which mod_case is to do case-insensitive matching.

mod_case handles the following FTP commands: APPE, CWD, DELE, LIST, MDTM, MKD, MLSD, MLST, NLST, RETR, RMD, RNFR, RNTO, SIZE, STOR, XCWD, XMKD, and XRMD.


  # Enable case-insensitivity for all FTP commands handled by mod_case
  CaseIgnore on

  # Enable case-insensitivity only for downloads
  CaseIgnore RETR

  # Enable case-insensitivity for uploads and downloads


Syntax: CaseLog path|"none"
Default: None
Context: server config, <VirtualHost>, <Global>
Module: mod_case
Compatibility: 1.2.9 and later

The CaseLog directive is used to a specify a log file for mod_case reporting and debugging, and can be done a per-server basis. The path parameter must be the full path to the file to use for logging. Note that this path must not be to a world-writeable directory and, unless AllowLogSymlinks is explicitly set to on (generally a bad idea), the path must not be a symbolic link.

If path is "none", no logging will be done at all; this setting can be used to override a CaseLog setting inherited from a <Global> context.


To install mod_case, copy the mod_case.c file into
after unpacking the latest proftpd-1.2 source code. Then follow the usual steps for using third-party modules in proftpd:
  ./configure --with-modules=mod_case
  make install

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